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Meet the Little Rock 99cm, a compact cat tree that lives up to its name in strength and sturdiness.

A clever blend of resilient scratching sisal rope and a 60cm scratching board guarantees that, from any attack angle, your cat will always find a surface suitable for scratching.

The Little Rock 99cm also includes an amply sized sleeping cave, offering a private space for your feline companion to rest and enjoy a peaceful catnap.

The robust half-meter baseplate ensures a firm foundation for the structure. This is particularly crucial for homes with larger cats, like Maine Coons.

Climbing a little higher rewards your cat with a spacious sleeping area with open views of their surroundings, allowing them to survey their domain while lounging comfortably. The Little Rock 99cm is as functional as it is durable, catering to your cat’s essential needs while standing the test of time.

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measurements: 50x50m / height 99cm

product details:
plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread
plush quality: 500g/m2
5,2mm naturall sisal
pole diameter: 7cm
measurement sleeping cave: 50x30cm / height 30cm
measurements scratch board: 60x25cm / height 4cm
measurement relaxboard: 50x50cm/height 2cm
washable cushion at 30 degrees
color: grey
18,70 KG

Weight: 25,16KG