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This spacious rabbit hutch from PawHut is perfect for housing two bunnies comfortably, providing plenty of space for them to hop and play with its length of 225cm from end to end. The two ramps that connect the upper and lower floors provide an added layer of fun for your pets. This rabbit hutch is constructed with durable fir wood that ensures it can withstand outdoor conditions.

The hutch features an asphalt roof and paint on the wood to keep your pets dry during wet weather. The mesh wire prevents predators from getting inside while also keeping your rabbits safely inside. During the warm weather, the roof provides much-needed shade. Cleaning the hutch is a breeze with the removable tray included. Simply slide it out, wipe it down, and put it back in. Overall, this rabbit hutch and run is a solid and secure home for your furry friends.

With this spacious and durable 2-tier rabbit hutch from PawHut, your furry friends will be able to bask in the sunlight while enjoying the fresh outdoor air. This rabbit hutch has two levels, with the upper main house fully enclosed and the lower level wrapped in a wire mesh for your rabbit’s safety. It has enough room for two to four rabbits or other small animals to move around freely, with two doors for easy access to each level. The ramps allow your bunnies to enter the raised housing area easily.

Constructed from high-quality fir wood, this rabbit hutch and run is designed for durability and sturdiness, providing a safe and secure home for your pets. The metal wires surrounding the run area will ensure that your pets are protected from predators, while the removable sliding tray makes it easy to clean and maintain the hutch. Additionally, the roof is covered with asphalt to provide enhanced weather protection, keeping your pets safe and comfortable in any weather condition.

This PawHut bunny cage is a great addition to your backyard, providing your furry friends with a safe and comfortable place to relax and play outside. Assembly is required, but the result is well worth the effort, as your pets will be able to enjoy their new home for years to come.


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Product Information: Overall dimensions: 225L x 70W x 100H cm. Main house: 100L x 61.4W x 58.5H cm. Suitable for 2-4 small to medium sized rabbits. Assembly Required.