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Introducing a rabbit cage with a duplex structure, designed to provide a more spacious and comfortable living space for your pets within a limited area. This double-layer hutch offers ample room for your rabbits to move around and rest, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

Considerate Design for Easy Access

This bunny cage is thoughtfully designed with a ramp that allows your rabbits to easily access different levels. Four doors on the main house provide convenient access to your small animals, making it easy to care for them and meet their needs.

Easy Maintenance with Slide-Out Trays

Each layer of the rabbit hutch features a built-in slide-out tray, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. These trays simplify the cleaning process, ensuring that your pets always have a hygienic and comfortable living environment.

Solid Construction for Durability and Protection

The rabbit hutch is crafted from solid and waterproof-painted fir wood, providing a stable and durable structure. The asphalt roof offers protection against the sun, rain, and snow, keeping your pets safe and secure in all weather conditions.

Rabbit Hutch Information:

Overall dimensions: 150L x 55W x 91H cm
Suitable for 2-4 rabbits
Assembly required
Invest in this double-layer rabbit hutch to provide a spacious and comfortable home for your pets. With easy access, simple maintenance, and a durable construction, this hutch ensures the happiness and well-being of your beloved rabbits.

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