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Introduce your cherished cat to an elegant and enjoyable travel experience with our Lotus Wicker Cat Carrier. Constructed with both style and practicality at the forefront, this carrier ensures a secure and comfortable compartment for your feline friend during your voyages.

The carrier’s semi-circular shape, derived from natural wicker, augments its aesthetic appeal while ensuring a durable and non-toxic milieu for your cat. The robust wicker construction provides internal protection, offering your cat a safe space for relaxation. Additionally, it is resistant to scratching, providing assurance that your cat’s claws won’t inflict any harm.

Recognizing the crucial role of comfort during transit, the Lotus Wicker Cat Carrier includes a soft, plush inner pillow. This cushion ensures that your cat can enjoy a cozy journey irrespective of the destination. A metal wire door secured with user-friendly buckle fastenings ensures your cat’s safety within the carrier, facilitating peace of mind while travelling.

The Lotus Wicker Cat Carrier is designed for convenience, featuring a flat carry handle securely fastened to the basket. This functional addition enables smooth and comfortable transportation, ensuring your cat’s comfort and safety are always prioritized.

With dimensions of 40H x 50L x 40Wcm, the Lotus Wicker Cat Carrier provides ample room for your cat to move comfortably. The door, with a diameter of Ф 25cm, offers easy access for your feline companion. The included mat, measuring 44L x 34Wcm, adds an extra layer of comfort for your cat’s journey.

Note that the carrier’s maximum load weight is 5kg, making it suitable for most cats. Assembly is required, however, it’s a simple process that won’t consume much of your time.

Invest in style and comfort for your cat with the Lotus Wicker Cat Carrier. Its spacious design, natural wicker body, inner pillow, secure metal wire door, and convenient carry handle make this carrier an excellent choice for travelling with your feline friend. Prioritize their safety and well-being while adding a touch of sophistication to your journeys.

Pamper your beloved cat with unparalleled luxury and comfort during travels with the PawHut Luxurious Wicker Cat Basket. This hand-woven basket, in a stylish mid-grey hue, is designed to provide a safe, spacious, semi-circular shelter for your cat, ensuring serene and secure journeys for years to come. It’s not only a fashionable accessory, but its non-toxic wicker construction also ensures your pet’s well-being.

The basket’s spacious semi-circular design ensures that your cat can travel in comfort while maintaining their privacy. The natural wicker body is not only durable but also provides a secure refuge for your cat. It shields them from the external environment and prevents their claws from accidental snags, offering you peace of mind during travels.

The PawHut Luxurious Wicker Cat Basket comes with a soft inner pillow. This detachable fleece-feel cushion provides a comfortable spot for your cat to rest, ensuring their utmost comfort throughout the journey. Note that the inner pillow is not machine-washable, but can be spot cleaned for easy maintenance.

Safety is paramount, and this basket is equipped with a secure metal wire door. The door is kept closed with sturdy buckle fastenings, ensuring that your cat remains safely inside the basket throughout the trip. You can travel confidently, knowing that your feline friend is secure and protected.

The basket features a top handle for your convenience, facilitating easy and smooth transportation. Whether you’re taking a short trip to the vet or embarking on a longer adventure, the handle provides a comfortable grip, making transportation effortless.

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