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Meet the Haydock 700 Chicken Coop, an innovative poultry dwelling designed to accommodate up to 10 Bantams or 6 Laying Hens. With the addition of an optional Large Fowl Modification, this coop also comfortably hosts a large fowl trio. Drawing upon almost four decades of hands-on experience as a chicken keeper and coop maker, the Haydock 700 Chicken Coop embodies the perfect blend of hen-friendly and keeper-friendly features.

The Haydock 700 Coop showcases two nests and 1.6 meters of perching, carefully engineered to foster the natural behavior and comfort of the hens. The ground-level nesting, inspired by the hens’ primitive instinct to nest in the undergrowth, complements the provision for high roosting – a reminiscent feature of the birds’ ancestral trait of perching on high tree branches at dusk. The coop also caters to the hierarchy among hens by offering perching on two levels. This design feature helps prevent breast deformities resulting from improper perching.

One key aspect of the Haydock 700 Coop is the nest shutter system, which prevents overnight nest occupancy, thereby averting nest fouling that can lead to contamination of eggs. Recognizing that clean nests lead to healthier hens and greater egg production, the entire nest bank is detachable for easy cleaning, along with the wall opposite, a section of the roof, the middle section of the floor, and the perch bars. This comprehensive access ensures that no corner of the coop is left untouched during cleaning, providing a pristine environment for your poultry.

In addition to cleanliness, the Haydock 700 Coop prioritizes ventilation for the well-being of the hens. The coop’s design accounts for the heat and methane generated by the birds overnight, establishing a convection current through vented ridges and eaves-based inlets. This dynamic circulation system continually refreshes the air within the coop, keeping the environment comfortable and reducing respiratory health issues among the hens.

Overall, the Haydock 700 Chicken Coop is a testimony to decades of poultry keeping wisdom and craftsmanship. From nest shutter system to robust cleaning access, tiered perching, and optimal ventilation, this coop is a testament to a design that harmonizes the needs of the hens with the ease of maintenance for the keeper. It’s not just a chicken coop, it’s a carefully crafted habitat that prioritizes the welfare of your poultry.

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