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Introducing COCO’s Palace – one of the largest outdoor cat constructions available here at Cat Tree UK. This magical outdoor adventure center is handcrafted with care and love and features multiple places for cats to climb, explore, and play.

At 8ft tall, this remarkable structure provides unparalleled views of your garden, which your cat will truly appreciate as they guard their territory and protect their “hooman” slave. Each level of COCO’s Palace allows easy access up and down the construction, and the build itself is weatherproof and waterproof, ensuring that your cat stays comfortable and safe at all times.

Hempex rope posts have been placed around this cat tree, allowing your cat to scratch whenever they wish. Unlike sisal, hempex can be used outdoors without discoloration, making it the perfect choice for outdoor cat trees.

Please note that if you wish to order COCO’s Palace, you should contact us at first to check for any additional delivery charges. This item is personally delivered and installed by our master builder, ensuring that it is installed to the highest standards.

Delivery is available for UK mainland only, and this item is handmade to order. Delivery normally takes around 3 to 4 weeks.

In conclusion, COCO’s Palace is the ultimate outdoor cat tree for any cat owner looking for a large, sturdy, and entertaining cat tree for their feline friend. With its multiple levels, hempex rope posts, and weatherproof construction, this cat tree is the perfect choice for any cat who loves to explore, play, and relax outdoors.

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