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Step into the sublime union of nature and opulence with the Cat Tree Luan, a meticulously designed masterpiece that satisfies both discerning felines and their human companions. Luan sets the gold standard for Quality Construction, combining ø 5 mm sisal and untreated birch plywood to bring a rustic yet refined charm. This is balanced by an overlay of plush polyester at an exceptional density of 340 g/m², ensuring not just durability but also unparalleled comfort for your pet. Despite its Compact Dimensions, occupying just 58 × 38 cm of floor space and standing at 129 cm, Luan offers a comprehensive and space-efficient sanctuary that leaves nothing to be desired.

The cat tree’s Comfortable Cave, lined with premium upholstery fabric, serves as a cozy and secluded space for your feline’s private retreats. Even more luxurious is the reversible cushion that accompanies it. Crafted from a blend of plush and upholstery fabric, this cushion brings Reversible Luxury to the equation, adding an extra layer of comfort while being effortlessly hand-washable for ease of maintenance. Taking leisure to the next level is the tree’s crowning glory: a plush, upholstered cuddly bed situated at the top. Offering an elevated viewpoint and enclosed by a padded rim, it makes for the Ultimate Relaxation spot that’s as easy to care for as it is to enjoy.

Beyond its functional attributes, what sets Luan apart is its Elegant Aesthetics. The tree’s sophisticated, understated grey hue makes it a perfect fit for modern, stylish interiors. It’s not just a sanctuary for your pet; it’s also a statement piece that elevates your home’s aesthetic. With its unmatched combination of natural materials, top-tier comfort, and elegant design, the Cat Tree Luan is more than just a pet accessory; it’s a luxurious retreat that enriches your cat’s life and enhances your living space. Product Item Number: 44459. Indulge your beloved feline with the unmatched luxury that only the Cat Tree Luan can provide.

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Floor area: 58 × 38 cm, : 129 cm

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