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Step into the realm of premium craftsmanship and modern design with the BE NORDIC Cat Tree Jonte. This meticulously crafted cat tree offers an unrivaled blend of functionality and style, elevating your feline friend’s leisure time to unparalleled heights. Built with Robust Material like durable ø 5 mm sisal and varnished plywood, Jonte is more than just a fleeting pleasure; it’s a long-term commitment to quality and stability. Your cat’s Comfort is Redefined with the inclusion of a cozy bed complete with a reversible cushion crafted from 100% cotton canvas, offering not just one but two design variations for that perfect cozy corner.

Creating A Private Sanctuary for your cat, the tree features a secluded cave equipped with a high-quality, reversible cotton canvas cushion. This personal space offers your cat an idyllic retreat for those much-needed moments of solitude and relaxation. Maintenance is a breeze with the easily hand-washable cotton canvas cushions, promising a clean and inviting sanctuary for your pet. With its Elegant Palette, the blend of grey and white hues effortlessly complements any interior, adding a layer of style and sophistication to your living space.

Yet, the BE NORDIC Cat Tree Jonte is not just about luxury and aesthetic appeal. Each purchase contributes to Making a Difference in the world. TRIXIE is committed to supporting maritime protection projects from the proceeds of this series. By choosing this product, you’re actively participating in sustainable nature conservation, aiding in the protection of myriad species. So, not only do you elevate your cat’s lifestyle, but you also make a tangible impact in global conservation efforts. Experience the ultimate in feline luxury while championing a noble cause with the BE NORDIC Cat Tree Jonte.

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Item no.: 44745, Floor area: 38 × 38 cm, : 115 cm