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The Beonebreed Metal Wire Pet Basket is a cozy and stylish bed designed for cats. Its trendy geometric style and neutral colors make it a perfect match for any home decor. The bed is crafted with a memory foam cushion that is both soft and comfortable for your pet, and the padded sides provide maximum comfort with a cocoon effect that cats love. The bed’s round shape is designed to keep your cat in the “rolled up” position that they prefer, while also retaining their body warmth.

The bed is best suited for small cats and has a diameter of 45.7 cm and a height of 15.2 cm. Beonebreed, the company behind this product, was founded by a passionate pet lover who created the first Beonebreed product for his dog Wink, who needed an orthopedic bed for her hip problem. Today, the company is a team of over 20 pet lovers dedicated to creating innovative and stylish pet products that meet the needs of both pets and their owners. The name “Beonebreed” represents the idea of pet owners coming together as a community to provide the best for their furry companions.

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