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Introducing Bedmax Strawmax Straw Pellet Bedding, a revolutionary, 100% natural equine bedding solution brought to you by Bedmax Ltd. Crafted from recycled British straw, this eco-friendly and high-quality bedding option is specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of horse owners with stabled horses.

Strawmax boasts a dust-extracted, ultra-absorbent, and cost-effective composition that sets it apart from traditional bedding alternatives. Keeping the health, well-being, and comfort of horses at the forefront, Strawmax straw pellets are simple to use and require less frequent mucking out, resulting in a more efficient and convenient horse care experience.

Furthermore, Strawmax straw pellet bedding is easily compostable, making it an innovative and environmentally conscious choice for those seeking a sustainable bedding solution. With Bedmax Strawmax, horse owners can enjoy a premium and eco-friendly bedding option that ensures the comfort and health of their beloved equines.

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