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Lakeside Luxury Cattery! A Cats Dream…

Lakeside Luxury Cattery! A Cats Dream…

Merry Hill Cattery in Egremont, England, offers a warm and welcoming environment for your feline friends. Here’s an overview of their services and facilities:

Owners and Establishment

  • Owners: The cattery is owned and operated by Andrea and John Wells, who moved to Rothersyke in 2006 and converted the outbuildings into a cattery due to Andrea’s love for cats. After three years of hard work, they officially opened Merry Hill Cattery in November 2015​​.
  • Love and Attention: The owners emphasize providing lots of love and attention to each cat during their stay, ensuring a home-from-home experience​​.

Location and Facilities

  • Address: Merry Hill Cattery, Rothersyke, Egremont, Cumbria, CA22 2US, GB​​.
  • Accommodation: The cattery boasts spacious apartments that are fully insulated and constructed using Hygienic Cladding to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The cattery environment is designed to be relaxing and peaceful, exclusively catering to cats​​.
  • Gallery: Their photo gallery showcases the facilities and environment provided at Merry Hill Cattery, although specific details about the rooms and amenities from the gallery are not available​​.

Operating Hours

  • Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8/10 AM to 4/6 PM. The cattery is closed on Sundays for arrivals and departures​​.
  • Online Booking: Merry Hill Cattery offers an online booking system, but it is closed on Sundays for arrival and departure​​.

Licensing and Standards

  • Merry Hill Cattery is fully licensed with Copeland Borough Council and far exceeds the standards set out in the latest Feline Advisory Bureau Document​​.

For more detailed information about rates, specific services, or to make a booking, you can contact Merry Hill Cattery directly via telephone at 01946 821466 or email at Potential customers are encouraged to view the cattery by appointment to ensure it meets their requirements and expectations.