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Earswick Cattery: A Cozy and Caring Retreat for Your Feline Companions

Earswick Cattery: A Cozy and Caring Retreat for Your Feline Companions

At Pet Palace, we understand the importance of finding a perfect home away from home for your beloved feline friends. We are delighted to introduce Earswick Cattery, a charming and lovingly managed cattery located in the picturesque village of Earswick, on the outskirts of York. Earswick Cattery embodies a deep passion for cats and an unwavering commitment to providing them with the best possible care​​.

Luxurious and Safe Accommodation

Earswick Cattery offers a safe and luxurious stay for your cats. The accommodation is entirely indoors, meeting and exceeding official licensing standards. Designed to house two cats comfortably, each pen features underfloor heating and special matting, ensuring a warm and cozy environment. Additionally, the pens include a downstairs play area equipped with a scratching pole, toys, and a shelf for lounging. During the winter months, the cattery is equipped with additional heating and soothing background music, adding an extra layer of comfort for your pets​​.

Engaging Exercise and Play Areas

Understanding the importance of play and exercise for cats, Earswick Cattery has designed each sleeping area with an individual downstairs area. This space includes a scratching pole and balls, and owners are encouraged to bring their cat’s favorite toys to make them feel more at home. This thoughtful arrangement ensures that your cat remains active and entertained throughout their stay​​.

Health, Hygiene, and Dietary Needs

The health and hygiene of every cat are paramount at Earswick Cattery. They cater to all dietary requirements, and if your cat requires specialist food, it can be provided by the owner. The staff are more than willing to administer any necessary medication, from tablets to inhalers, free of charge. The facility is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected throughout the day, ensuring a hygienic environment. It’s important to note that all cats must have a current vaccination certificate to be accepted for boarding​​.

Affordable and Inclusive Pricing

Earswick Cattery offers competitive and inclusive pricing for its boarding services. The rates include the cost of feeding, heating, insurance, and non-prescription food, ensuring no hidden costs. Prices are structured based on whether you have one cat or two, and whether they share a pen or are housed separately. This flexible pricing structure makes Earswick Cattery an affordable option for cat owners​​.

Convenient Location and Flexible Hours

Situated in a convenient location, Earswick Cattery is easily accessible and close to many local villages and the A64. This makes it an ideal choice for cat owners in and around York. The cattery offers flexible opening hours, accommodating the varied schedules of cat owners, making drop-offs and pick-ups hassle-free​​.


Earswick Cattery stands out as a premier choice for those seeking a comfortable, safe, and caring environment for their cats. With its luxurious accommodations, engaging play areas, attention to health and dietary needs, and affordable pricing, it is the perfect place for your cat to enjoy a relaxing stay. For more information or to book a stay for your feline friend, contact Earswick Cattery at Earswick Cattery Contact or call them at 07535 327398​​​​.

Discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing your beloved cat is in the caring hands of Earswick Cattery.