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Durham Cat Hotel: A Five-Star Luxury Retreat for Your Feline Friend

Durham Cat Hotel: A Five-Star Luxury Retreat for Your Feline Friend

At Pet Palace, we always seek out the finest accommodations for our feline friends, and Durham Cat Hotel truly stands out. Located in Consett, County Durham, this luxury cat hotel offers a new era of five-star vacations for cats, ensuring your beloved pet enjoys a holiday as indulgent as your own​​​​.

An Unmatched Luxury Experience

Durham Cat Hotel, a brainchild of Linda Kent, the owner, redefines luxury for cats. Each guest receives bespoke personal service in their private suite, fully equipped to cater to the most active cats. The hotel’s mission is to provide a relaxing, stimulating, and enjoyable holiday for your cat, treating every guest as if they were their own​​.

A Variety of Suites Tailored for Comfort

  • The Library Suite: Though the smallest, it offers ample room for active cats​​.
  • The Music Room: A large, sunny suite perfect for playful and mischievous cats​​. This suite costs £20 per day​​.
  • The Penthouse Suite: A spacious suite with a toddler bed ideal for cat naps. It’s priced at £20 per day​​​​.
  • The Snug: The largest room, bright and sunny with French doors and a window offering picturesque views. This seasonal room is also available for £20 per day​​​​.

All suites are centrally heated, well ventilated, and come with cool mats, top-quality climbing frames, toys, and entertainment. The rooms are designed with cats’ safety and wellbeing in mind, ensuring no contact with other cats throughout their stay​​.

Premium Services and Facilities

  • 5-Star Rating: Durham Cat Hotel is rated 5 stars by Durham County Council, a testament to its exceptional quality and standards​​.
  • Grooming Services: Included in the stay, ensuring that your cat remains well-groomed during their holiday. Owners are encouraged to provide the cat’s brush or comb for this service​​.
  • Boutique Establishment: It’s a small boutique establishment that offers a range of luxury suites to suit all requirements and family sizes, ensuring first-class care for your cat​​.

Pricing and Additional Cats

The prices are inclusive for one cat, with additional cats from the same family accommodated in the same suite for an extra £6 per day. This pricing strategy allows for flexibility and affordability for families with multiple cats​​.

Location and Contact Details

Durham Cat Hotel is situated at:

The hotel’s location in Consett makes it easily accessible for cat owners in County Durham and surrounding areas​​.


Durham Cat Hotel is more than a boarding facility; it’s a luxurious retreat where your cat can enjoy a holiday filled with care, comfort, and fun. With its personalized service, variety of suites, and inclusive grooming services, it’s the perfect choice for cat owners who want only the best for their pets.

For more information or to book a luxurious stay for your cat, visit Durham Cat Hotel, or contact them directly via phone or email. Treat your feline friend to a five-star vacation at Durham Cat Hotel, where luxury and comfort meet purr-fectly.