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Cosy Catz Boarding Cattery: A Haven of Comfort and Care for Your Feline Friends

Cosy Catz Boarding Cattery: A Haven of Comfort and Care for Your Feline Friends

Pet Palace proudly presents Cosy Catz Boarding Cattery, an exemplary boarding facility for cats, located in the tranquil setting of Hellesdon, Norwich. Established in 2007, Cosy Catz is dedicated to providing the ultimate in care, focusing on the health, safety, and happiness of your beloved feline companions​​.

A Peaceful and Luxurious Environment

Cosy Catz is set in a peaceful garden environment, close to Norwich Airport and just off Fakenham Road and Holt Road. This idyllic setting ensures a relaxing stay for your cat, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The staff at Cosy Catz are fully trained and experienced in catering to all the needs of your pet, ensuring their happiness and well-being​​.

Accommodation Tailored for Comfort

The cattery features luxury chalets with full-height sleeping accommodations, equipped with individual heaters and under-bed heat pads. These chalets are well-insulated, cozy, and particularly suitable for older cats or those with limited mobility, as they do not have steep ramps to negotiate. Warm blankets are provided, and owners are encouraged to bring their cat’s favorite blanket to help them settle in​​.

Health and Safety Standards

Cosy Catz adheres strictly to cattery boarding licensing laws, requiring all cats to have standard vaccinations for cat flu and feline enteritis. The cattery is equipped to handle cats on medication and covers your cat with its own insurance during their stay, although pre-existing conditions are not included. This attention to health and safety ensures a worry-free experience for cat owners​​.

Nutritional Care

Meals are served twice a day at Cosy Catz, with special attention given to elderly cats, kittens, and those with special needs. A variety of wet meats and biscuits are available, and the cattery tries to cater to the fussiest eaters. Owners are encouraged to inform the staff of their cat’s favorite meals, or provide their own food, especially if it is a prescription diet​​.

Operating Hours and Location

Cosy Catz is open seven days a week, all year round, though closed on Bank Holidays for drop-offs and collections. The cattery welcomes inspections within its operating hours, encouraging owners to visit and see if it’s the right fit for their cat’s holiday. It’s conveniently located at 5 Kinsale Avenue, Hellesdon, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom, NR6 5SG​​​​.

Boarding Charges

  • One cat: £15.00 per day
  • Two cats: £21.00 per day
  • Three cats: £26.00 per day
  • Minimum 3-day stay charge for one cat: £42.00
  • Deposits required for bookings

The rates include your cat’s usual diet, heating, grooming, and lots of cuddles. Additional charges apply during peak seasons like Christmas and Easter​​.


Cosy Catz Boarding Cattery offers a unique blend of comfort, care, and luxury for your feline friend. With its experienced staff, cozy accommodations, strict health standards, and personalized nutritional care, it stands out as a top choice for cat boarding in Norwich. For more information or to book a stay, contact Cosy Catz via their website or directly at the provided address.

Visit Cosy Catz Boarding Cattery for a boarding experience that ensures the ultimate in care and comfort for your cherished cat.